Observational light banter with inferior earthlings

Hello Rabble ….. As I mentioned in the About Me section, I’ve gotten to know some of you. Not many on Earth welcome our invasi……. er …….. visit. But some are thrilled. In fact one of your most brilliant Dismal Scientists, Paul Krugman, feels that our presence here can do wonders to help the US economy:

Mr. Paul Krugman’s alien solution

Not everyone agrees with economists Lord Schmutz,

in fact, most economists

don’t agree with

each other

Yeah Schmutzy …..

don’t get any ideas just cause the guy

got a Nobel prize. Our president got a Nobel prize too —- what can I say,

it’s not what you know,

it’s who you know ……….. you know?

A war would be most grievous,

most grievous ………… dear me,

I might have to relocate.

Let’s come up with a more civil

approach shall we?

Am I right Mr. Bunny? 


Do not worry my friends we will not make war ………………….. yet.

Polutians make dirt, not war, and we are good at it.

Homer, Reggie, Professor Owlstein —

good night. We shall continue this another time.

My popcorn is ready.


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